Patient Testimonials

Best Health Care Office

“I couldn't possibly recommend OMS highly enough. I've had way too many problems with my teeth over the years and OMS has handled the ones entrusted to them superbly. Every doctor and every employee at the Wayzata office exudes competence and PRIDE. I feel like they know how good they are and will not accept being anything less. This is the best health care office of any kind I've ever been to. Best run, best people.”

Ali’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

My Experience Was Great

Dr. Ziegler

“My experience was great. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Dr Ziegler was great, he explained everything and answered all of my questions thoroughly. My tooth extraction was quick, and painless. Usually, it is a staff member that calls but Dr Ziegler called in the afternoon to see how I was doing and to see if I had any questions. I would highly recommend them.”

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr. Ziegler

“I had all 4 wisdom teeth for a long time and was very nervous about getting them removed. Dr Ziegler was very professional and polite. I waited too long so was at an advanced age for that procedure, and I felt comfortable and cared for the entire process. I went under IV sedation and was reassured by their monitoring and remember waking up comfortably in the recovery room. I’ve had no nerve damage, and a pretty comfortable recovery, all things considered! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ziegler to anyone nervous about tooth extraction. He called later that day to check up on me, and the office staff also checked in! Very polite staff and great service.”

Staff Was Great and Caring

Dr. Ziegler

“Dr Ziegler and his staff were great and very caring. I felt that I was in good hands the whole time. The dental implant surgery was a breeze thanks to my team!”

Two Teeth Extracted

Dr. Neuner

“I have been here on two occasions one for 2 teeth to be extracted and one time for an implant. Dr Tim Neuner has been great at explaining everything to me along the way. Staff in the office are also great. This is the only place I would go for these types of procedures.”

Nervous About Wisdom Teeth

Dr. McMahon

“Dr Luke McMahon was my surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. I was quite nervous about the procedure, but Dr McMahon had as good of a bedside manner as anyone can have. He was clear with his information, he was gentle, quick and empathetic. Dr McMahon eased all of my concerns and did a tremendous job. I consider myself a tough judge, and I do have to say Dr McMahon is as good as they come. I highly recommend, and suggest requesting Dr McMahon for any of your oral surgery needs.”

Life Changing Extraction

Dr. Spanel

“Dr Spanel was AWESOME!!!!!! I had a full upper extraction done and needed no sedation. He was kind and compassionate, funny and made me feel well cared for. He was gentle and caring. He did an AMAZING JOB and I AM SO HAPPY I WENT TO HIM!!! He has forever changed my life, just by giving me a great new smile!!! Thank you so much DR SPANEL……you totally made this my year!!!!! I would recommend this company and dentist for any major dental work needed. AGAIN LIFE CHANGING! 😊”