Patient Testimonials

Knowledgeable and Informative

Dr. Spanel

“Dr Spanel was very knowledgeable and informative, kind and caring in demeanor. Felt very comfortable during procedure and confident in him. All staff were organized and careful with all sanitizing! Appreciated the information as to timeliness for procedure results and home care instruction sheet. Thank you all so much!”

Ali’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

Emergency Extraction

Dr. James Omlie

“Dr Jim Omlie and the entire OMSC team was great. I had to more or less schedule an emergency extraction of my wisdom teeth. They were very clear in the procedure and took the extra time to explain everything in detail. Surgery was comfortable, follow up was top notch. I’d recommend Jim and his team to anyone exploring options for an oral surgeon. ”

Best Health Care Office

“I couldn't possibly recommend OMS highly enough. I've had way too many problems with my teeth over the years and OMS has handled the ones entrusted to them superbly. Every doctor and every employee at the Wayzata office exudes competence and PRIDE. I feel like they know how good they are and will not accept being anything less. This is the best health care office of any kind I've ever been to. Best run, best people.”

Accommodated My Fear

Dr. James Omlie

“Dr James Omlie was amazing. He wonderfully accommodated my fear of needles while putting me under for my wisdom teeth removal, and called personally to follow up the evening after my surgery. They also have an on-call doctor, which was very nice to have available for questions over the weekend!”

Robert’s Experience with Implants

Nia’s Experience With Double Jaw Surgery

Obadiah’s Experience With Cleft Lip

Dr. Stitch

Obadiah Cleft Lip