Testimonial Category: Dental Implants

Kurt’s Experience With Dental Implants

Robert’s Experience with Implants

Carrie’s Implant Experience

Dr. Haas and Staff

“Thank you for your excellent implant treatment on John. He had a very good experience at your office. He is really looking forward to using #31 again soon. Thanks very much.”
Carrie W.

Lynn’s Implant Experience

Dr. Sundick

“I want to thank you for being such a good doctor and for having such a gentle approach. When you did my implant I was so nervous and you were so reassuring. My experience was a good one. Thank you so much! ”
Lynn C.

Greg’s Experience With Dental Implants

Dr. Gulbrandsen

“I went without one of my front teeth for more than 30 years after having it knocked out at age 8. Since I only ever received a temporary partial replacement, my dentist referred me to Dr. Gulbrandsen at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants to ensure I got what I needed.

Even with the surgical complexities that occurred from being without a tooth for so long, Dr. Gulbrandsen’s experience, skill level, and commitment to quality kept me feeling confident. The end result was fantastic.”
Greg Minneapolis, Minnesota Dental Implant with Bone Graft

Nancy’s Experience With Dental Implants

Dr. Haas

“Through 8 dental implants over the last several years, Dr. Haas has helped me maintain a beautiful smile, and I’m just really grateful for that.

I got to know Oral Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants from my own 20-year career at an orthodontist’s office, who always referred to them. I knew I wanted their expertise, and Dr. Haas is awesome.

There’s such confidence in his work, and the teams at all their locations are just wonderful. I really appreciate the efficiency, the technology, and the kindness.”
Nancy Nancy Worked 20 Years at Orthodontic Office Edina, MN Extractions and Dental Implants

Alex’s Experience With Dental Implants

Dr. Sundick

“I was born missing 5 teeth, which made simple things like eating and talking really difficult. Luckily, my mother is an orthodontist, and she referred me to OMSCMN for dental implants— just as she does for all of her patients.

With great people like Dr. Sundick helping me, I was able to start this process before getting married next year, and I’ll have a great set of functional teeth for the rest of my life.

I am overwhelmingly happy with my care. At OMSCMN, you’re not just one out of a thousand patients. I truly feel special here.”
Alex Alex Eagan, Minnesota Dental Implants

Mark’s Implant Procedure

Dr. Neuner

“When I found out that my painful tooth needed to be replaced, my dentist referred me to Dr. Neuner for an implant. I was cautious, but my first meeting with him at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants made me feel very comfortable. He answered all of my questions, and it couldn’t have been easier.

Now I can chew on both sides again, and the noticeable gap in my teeth has been filled. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Neuner. He is friendly, competent, and went above and beyond for my outcome. My implant procedure was painless, and well worth it.”
Mark Mark Tonka Bay, Minnesota Dental Implant

John’s First Implant

Dr. Stich

“Great job on my first implant! Feels good! Hopefully I won't need another anytime soon!”