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Molly’s Experience With Jaw Surgery

Kevin’s Experience With Jaw Surgery

Nia’s Experience With Double Jaw Surgery

Andy’s Experience with Jaw Surgery

Kate Loves Her New Profile

Dr. Omlie and Staff

“I have definitely noticed a difference and love my new profile. I am very grateful for you and your staff for being able to perform jaw surgery and help correct my bite. Thank you again so much.”
Kate S.

Brandon’s Experience With Jaw Surgery

Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom

“My double jaw surgery wasn’t done for cosmetic reasons—I had real trouble with talking, eating, and just overall living. The procedure I had here was life changing, to say the least. Now I’m able to feel completely normal. And that’s an amazing feeling.

Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom are the most kindhearted surgeons that I could have ever asked for. They made me feel at ease, like they were helping out a member of their own families—exactly how you should feel with any doctor. My experience was life changing.”
Brandon Brandon, Age 20 Social Work Student Plymouth, Minnesota Double Jaw Surgery

Bridget’s Experience With Jaw Surgery

Dr. Kurtzman

“In 8th grade, my dentist noticed a benign tumor in my jaw, which was very scary for me and my parents. I was referred here to OMSCMN to begin a long course of treatment that included removing three teeth and the tumor, grafting bone, and placing implants.

Dr. Kurtzman’s care really eased our worries. He walked us through each step and made us feel comfortable during a tough time. I am so grateful that everything went smoothly, with no complications. It’s been 12 years since I started seeing Dr. Kurtzman, and it’s the one appointment I actually look forward to every year.”
Bridget Bridget Chanhassen, Minnesota Jaw Tumor Removal and Reconstruction,
Bone Graft, and Dental Implants

Lindsay’s Experience With Jaw Surgery

Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom

“I went to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants because my orthodontist recommended it. I had an under bite, and my teeth didn’t connect right when eating. Before I had my surgery, Dr. Omlie had me meet another one of his patients who had just gone through the same process, and she was really happy. It helped to see that.

The surgery has really helped me gain confidence in myself, and will prevent TMJ in the future. The follow-up process with my doctors made sure that everything was healing properly, and Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom were always really patient with my questions. I could tell they cared about me.

If I were to talk to someone who would need a procedure like mine, I would tell them that your surgeons and nurses will take really good care of you, and that it’s not as scary as you might be thinking.”
Lindsay Lindsay Woodbury, MN Double Jaw Surgery