Dr. Haas

"Through 8 dental implants over the last several years, Dr. Haas has helped me maintain a beautiful smile, and I’m just really grateful for that.

I got to know Oral Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants from my own 20-year career at an orthodontist’s office, who always referred to them. I knew I wanted their expertise, and Dr. Haas is awesome.

There’s such confidence in his work, and the teams at all their locations are just wonderful. I really appreciate the efficiency, the technology, and the kindness."

Worked 20 Years at Orthodontic Office
Edina, MN
Extractions and Dental Implants

Dr. McMahon

"I knew for a while that I needed to have all four wisdom teeth removed, but I put it off as long as I could.  Dr. McMahon listened to my concerns and thoroughly informed me about the procedure.  Now that I've had the procedure at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants, I no longer have to worry about my wisdom teeth.

Not only am I a patient here, but so is my son. That’s how confident I am in the care that is provided at OMSC. Dr. McMahon is great, and I received wonderful care from the moment I walked through the door."

Chaska, Minnesota
Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dr. Pearson

"Recently we had a jaw patient who didn't have the usual post operative course; he had trouble swallowing. You may recall that his parents were very concerned about him being discharged. The parents were anxious and our nursing staff spent a lot of time trying to reassure them. The nurses let me know how wonderful you were with the patient and the parents; they really needed someone to listen to their concerns and validate their feelings. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Working together, we can create exceptional experiences for our patients."

Marylou H.

Dr. Sundick

"I want to thank you for being such a good doctor and for having such a gentle approach. When you did my implant I was so nervous and you were so reassuring. My experience was a good one. Thank you so much! "

Lynn C.

Dr. McMahon

"Dear Dr. McMahon, Thank you for the relief I have from getting my tooth out!! And also that you were available along with the other two dentists who referred me on the same day!! It was like a miracle."

Tooth Extraction

Drs. Gulbrandsen and Tidstrom

"You and your entire staff have always been wonderful. Thank you for your patience and reassurance when I panicked the last time I saw you. And Thank You for reassuring me that you'll stick around until we get my lower jaw figured out."

Kimberly R.

Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom

"My double jaw surgery wasn’t done for cosmetic reasons—I had real trouble with talking, eating, and just overall living. The procedure I had here was life changing, to say the least. Now I’m able to feel completely normal. And that’s an amazing feeling.

Dr. Omlie and Dr. Tidstrom are the most kindhearted surgeons that I could have ever asked for. They made me feel at ease, like they were helping out a member of their own families—exactly how you should feel with any doctor. My experience was life changing."

Brandon, Age 20
Social Work Student
Plymouth, Minnesota
Double Jaw Surgery

Dr. Neuner

"You pulled two teeth for me recently. I want you to know that I had no pain or bleeding. Thank you - you are the best! "

Tooth Extraction

Dr. Haas and Staff

"Thank you for your excellent implant treatment on John. He had a very good experience at your office. He is really looking forward to using #31 again soon. Thanks very much."

Carrie W.

Dr. Gulbrandsen

"I went without one of my front teeth for more than 30 years after having it knocked out at age 8. Since I only ever received a temporary partial replacement, my dentist referred me to Dr. Gulbrandsen at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants to ensure I got what I needed.

Even with the surgical complexities that occurred from being without a tooth for so long, Dr. Gulbrandsen’s experience, skill level, and commitment to quality kept me feeling confident. The end result was fantastic."

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dental Implant with Bone Graft