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Whether you or someone you love needs dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, jaw surgery, or another offered procedure, the doctors at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants provide a comfortable experience and a reputation for high quality results. You can feel confident in our safe and caring treatment.

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“I couldn’t possibly recommend OMS highly enough. I’ve had way too many problems with my teeth over the years and OMS has handled the ones entrusted to them superbly. Every doctor and every employee at the Wayzata office exudes competence and PRIDE. I feel like they know how good they are and will not accept being anything less. This is the best health care office of any kind I’ve ever been to. Best run, best people.”

Dr. James Omlie

“Dr Jim Omlie and the entire OMSC team was great. I had to more or less schedule an emergency extraction of my wisdom teeth. They were very clear in the procedure and took the extra time to explain everything in detail. Surgery was comfortable, follow up was top notch. I’d recommend Jim and his team to anyone exploring options for an oral surgeon. ”

Dr. James Omlie

“Dr James Omlie was amazing. He wonderfully accommodated my fear of needles while putting me under for my wisdom teeth removal, and called personally to follow up the evening after my surgery. They also have an on-call doctor, which was very nice to have available for questions over the weekend!”

Dr. James Omlie

“Highly recommend this surgical dental group. The check-in process was rapid and Dr James Omlie, D.D.S, M.D. was great. I have little residual pain from my extractions. Dr Omlie and his nurses made sure to follow up with me in the evening to ensure that I felt okay. Extremely professional staff.”

Dr. Spanel

“I’ve always had trouble finding good dentists and doctors, but today I went in and had my wisdom teeth removed and the experience was very pleasant. I was nervous going in, but all of the surgeons, doctors and nurses made me feel very safe and very comfortable. Everyone I met including the receptionist was more than friendly. The site where the teeth were extracted are very clean, and look much better than I thought it would. Thanks Dr Spanel & team. Made me believe in doctor again. 😊”

Dr. Spanel

“Dr Spanel was very knowledgeable and informative, kind and caring in demeanor. Felt very comfortable during procedure and confident in him. All staff were organized and careful with all sanitizing! Appreciated the information as to timeliness for procedure results and home care instruction sheet. Thank you all so much!”

Dr. Spanel

“Dr Spanel was AWESOME!!!!!! I had a full upper extraction done and needed no sedation. He was kind and compassionate, funny and made me feel well cared for. He was gentle and caring. He did an AMAZING JOB and I AM SO HAPPY I WENT TO HIM!!! He has forever changed my life, just by giving me a great new smile!!! Thank you so much DR SPANEL……you totally made this my year!!!!! I would recommend this company and dentist for any major dental work needed. AGAIN LIFE CHANGING! 😊”

Dr. McMahon

“Dr Luke McMahon was my surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. I was quite nervous about the procedure, but Dr McMahon had as good of a bedside manner as anyone can have. He was clear with his information, he was gentle, quick and empathetic. Dr McMahon eased all of my concerns and did a tremendous job. I consider myself a tough judge, and I do have to say Dr McMahon is as good as they come. I highly recommend, and suggest requesting Dr McMahon for any of your oral surgery needs.”

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