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Whether you or someone you love needs dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, jaw surgery, or another offered procedure, the doctors at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Consultants provide a comfortable experience and a reputation for high quality results. You can feel confident in our safe and caring treatment.

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Dr. Stich and Staff

“I was obviously apprehensive about this procedure. The staff at the clinic were friendly yet professional, asking lots of questions. I immediately felt reassured when Dr. Stich walked in the room. He also asked plenty of questions and thoroughly explained what was going to happen. His bed side manner was absolutely amazing throughout the procedure and I had no pain. I’ll be going back for an implant. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this doctor!”
Steve T.

Dr. Tidstrom and Staff

“I appreciate the courteous, caring dental assistants, the professional care of Dr. Tidstrom and the quality of service performed. Thank you!”
Ed F.

Dr. Pearson

“I recently had an appointment with Dr. Andrew Pearson for TMJ surgery. I went into this appointment feeling very anxious about this type of surgery and left the office feeling like I wasn’t being rushed into surgery. The very detailed explanation with the medical jargon left out was amazing. He hit every question I had written down and more. My husband and I are both nurses and left this office feeling very pleased and have a plan in place. Thank you for providing great care and allowing me to feel like an individual rather than a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Pearson!”
Patient of Dr. Pearson

Drs. Omlie and Tidstrom

“We are so very thankful! Max says, “Mom, my back teeth actually can touch now!” Thank you for your efforts in helping him function properly. We appreciate your expertise, care and professionalism in helping our family walk through this surgery with peace and confidence in knowing we were in good hands. You were all a blessing to us!”
Shelly and Max N.

Dr. McMahon

“Dear Dr. McMahon, Thank you for the relief I have from getting my tooth out!! And also that you were available along with the other two dentists who referred me on the same day!! It was like a miracle.”
Mary Tooth Extraction

Dr. Neuner


Dr. Spanel


Dr. Stich

“I am now post-op following surgery at Mayo to remove a 11mm growth hormone secreting pituitary adenoma. Mayo doctors told me that had my aggressive disease been left undiagnosed, I’d be dead 50-55 (I’m 39). They were so impressed with your catch. I am forever grateful. In a few years, when I tell my 5 and 7 year olds, they too will be grateful for what you have done. You have forever changed my life. ”

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